This Is The Man In Charge Of Communications In Australia...

Speaking at the National Cyber Security Awareness Week on Sunday, Senator Conroy announced that his three year old daughter had altered the settings of his iPhone, and he hadn't been able to work out how to fix it. Confidence inspiring, don't you think?

The revelation that managing an iPhone's security settings was a task beyond the minister comes courtesy of Lifehacker editor Angus Kidman reporting for APC. Among the other nuggets of blockquote gold in the APC article are the fact that the Senator leaves his phone unlocked to avoid being frozen out of it after his daughter tries to unlock it repeatedly.

As I said, the man just inspires confidence with his technological abilities...

[APCMag] Image: Wikimedia Commons




      so great to see people complaining about a minister not knowing something obscurely related to his ministry

      next thing you'll be saying that wayne swan should butt out of taxation just because he's never been an accountant

      grow up guys :)

        Suddenly it all becomes clear. This is why he's so sold on the idea of an Internet filter. Stephen Conroy is getting Australia to pay for his child minding.

        That's the behaviour we've come to expect from our politicians.

        Fair point - but ICT and media communications is not child's play, it's about how Australia positions itself in a new world information order so that we all benefit socially and economically. Since dear old Senator Richard Alston, those responsible for this portfolio (which comparatively has emerged as an unknown quantity against older traditional portfolios eg health; treasury; defence etc.) have been out of their depth. I wish that serious consideration was given to the ICT knowledge and capability of not only the advisers to the comms portfolio but also the Minister responsible.

        What a dick head!

    Oh Please !!

    You expect a MP to be technically competent? He is a MP not the editor or writer for Gizmodo.

    The man needs to make executive decisions based on what his "staff" (who should know how to fix an iphone) research and recommend. People forget that technology is only one factor in the decisions he makes. He might have the best negotiation skills or best diplomatic skills.. who knows...

    I am sure the CEO of Holden does not know how to change the radiator in his Holden, but I am sure he knows how to generate profit for the company.

    Yes I agree, Stephen Conroy may not be making the right decisions in regards to the filter, etc but to say he is incompetent because he cannot fix his iPhone, must be a slow news day.


      To be honest I'm more concerned with him letting his daughter play with his iPhone. Imagine the kind of sensitive information the minister would have on there, "whoops daddy I just forwarded the cost benefit analysis of the NBN to the e-mail group called Telco CEO's", a bit excessive but you get my point.

      In any case it's poor parenting to let a child play around with your electronic devices like that.

        I'm pretty sure a Minister (and I use the term loosely) like that probably has a mobile for home and a mobile for work.

      that would be fine, if this guy had shown any sign that he DID ACTUALLY LISTEN TO PEOPLE WITH TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE! he has, at best, what can be described as the biggest case of selective hearing. Google, just about every internet expert around the world, all the isps that aren't in bed with him and the NBN, THE FREAKING U.S.!! all of these seem like pretty knowledgeable sources to LISTEN TO! but he doesn't. he is domineering and arrogant when it comes to this issue, as if to say "don't worry everyone! I'm right because I know everything!" because, honestly, if he isn't listening to him self when it comes to his support of this issue, GOD ONLY KNOWS WHO HE IS LISTENING TO.

        Yeah, you're right, Google, the good, the kind, the just, the right, the guys who decided that encrypted and secure search is the right this for all the students and schools ALL over the world ! So people who DO try to educate our kids, and do try to institute correct internet usage are now stopped from doing it by the people who 'know' best

      "He might have the best negotiation skills or best diplomatic skills.. who knows…"

      No one to my knowledge...

      Surely if he is not capable of understanding how the technical aspects of his decisions will affect our lives, he should not be making those decisions. It will not matter if he is a great negotiator or diplomat, if he does not understand what he is doing. How's he going to diplomatically negotiate his way out of it if they turn the filter on and Australian e-commerce grinds to an unexpected halt?

      But this is the problem. The only time he has displayed anything remotely approaching skill is when he has "mistakenly" tabled various documents to mess with tender processes. His arguments against others are little more than calling names at best or lies at worst. His mistake recently with regards to who actually supports his filter seems to me, further evidence that he is just not in the right job.

      Well, being a communications minister i would expect him to be somewhat competant using his phone. It isn't that hard.

      also, just FYI, I know for a fact that the previous Holden CEO Mark Reuss could change a radiator, he infact fully restored an FX Holden with his young son while he was in Australia, and was an active member of the FX/FJ Holden club. I'm sure the new CEO is just as competent.

      HSPN - read the article it's linked from. He was doing a talk about password security of devices connected to the internet, and doesn't even do it himself.

      He was at an event specifically promoting the message that _all_ consumers should follow good security practices with any device that can go online. Admitting that he didn't do that himself rather undermines the message, to say the least.

    lol, how about we stop right at 'iPhone'. for a man who is so concerned about privacy and security...

    and this is the man who wants to filter the internet to protect his children

    Can somebody call an ambulance, I facepalmed too hard and pushed out the back of my skull.

      primo reply - i laughed hard

      I feel your pain. I think I broke my palm.

    Please, for the love of all things good.

    That second part, about him keeping the phone unlocked, is reasonable in my opinion.

    When i have my phone locked with a code on it, my friends will purposely type in the wrong code enough times to get it to lock the user out for up to an hour!

    I sympathise with him in this situation.

      If you have email on your phone, and you don't use a PIN code log you are an absolute mug. So much info gets sent by email that can be used in identity theft that it's utter foolishness to risk losing your phone without even rudimentary security in place. Conroy most likely receives emails pertaining to his work as Minister for Comms on his iPhone -- he is always seen flashing the iPhone around; there haven't been sightings of him using a Blackberry or anything like that, so my guess is he walks around with an essentially unlocked phone with parliamentary email in it unprotected.

        Sorry, "log" should have read "lock".

    Conroy! Conroy! He's our man! If he can't break it, no one can!

    Conroy also said that the government would be introducing legislation requiring all children to be in bed by 9 - as his daughter often refuses to do so and it is clearly a problem that affects all working families.

    When asked why this wasn't something that was better dealt with by parents, rather than legislation, Conroy scoffed, then giggled, then disappeared in a puff of black smoke.

    I think we all agree that Conroy is a twat. The problem is he an ignorant twat, with power. Both Liberal and Labour want the internet filter, which its implementation been conveniently shelved to post election.

    Are the Greens our only hope Ob-Wan?

      Liberal and Labor no clue do they have.

      Greens our only hope they are.

    "My three-and-a-half year old daughter got my iPhone last night and has disabled it, and I haven't worked out how to get it to work yet"

    Oh Mr Conroy, I believe they call it the lock button. That little silver thing on the top right of your phone, yes click that one. Intelligent sir, how could you get this wrong but everything else right?

    Oh wait..

    well if that didnt make my day i dont know what did, who ever gave him his position must be facepalming right now at the sheer stupidity of what he just said. Conroy has no right to talk about anything even remotely resembling tech if his daughter is more technically advanced than him.

    I LOL'd

    /me has leads tictacs with conroys name on them

    A friend of mine tweeted this link:

    Conroy believes over 20,000 Australian Computers are infected with "spam" and "scams". I think you mean viruses or trojans, *Communications* Minister.

    He is trying to say that his daughter was technically competent, obviously trying to prove the point that kids can do a lot more than they used to.

    But in reality, does this mean that kids are better at using the internet so they are more likely to look at things they shouldn't be looking at, or are the adults to incompetent to stop it?

    Too late - he's already reproduced.....

    I dont like the broadband filter anymore then the next guy, but I really don't think this has any relevance to his position and responsibilities as a minister. It's just a nerdy cheap shot and its kinda pathetic and doesnt help the cause.

    this just proves how easiy its going to be to get past the filter. what hope does he have to keep an intelligent adult out of the internet when he cant even keep a 3 year old out of an iphone.

    Meet the guy in charge of Australia's net censorship.

    All I took from this article was the fact that instead of handing his broken phone over to someone who knows what they are doing...he's trying to fix it himself. Sound like anything else???

    Look, I get that maybe he might not immediately know how to unlock his phone. But did it not even occur to him to Google the solution? Oh right, Google are wicked and can't be trusted.

    Ignorance is one thing. Deliberate willful ignorance is another.

    You've all overlooked the extreme tragedy here... he was allowed to breed!

    I have built two national technology companies, one in Australia, one in the US, and I can tell you that the organizations that are most at risk are those that are run by people who know nothing about the business they are managing.

    The Australian Government is vastly incompetent. They depend on the mining companies for the generation of wealth, and everything else is simply a question of how to emulate the US Government in credit creation, and how to spend money on things they do not understand.

    Hey, but at least they get pretty men into these positions these days! It is more important to look good than to be good, huh?

    Meanwhile, those Australian financial turkeys haven't come home to roost yet, because Australians are being kept in the dark about their real financial situation.

    Give it 18 months. Then the lack of expertise at all levels in the Oz Government will be obvious.

    I can't wait for Christmas. I can't wait for my birthday. I can't wait for my team to win the premiership this year. And I can't wait for the post-election ministerial reshuffle that dumps this moron to the backbench.

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