The Wafflesicle Maker Has Changed Breakfast Forever

Forget everything you ever thought you knew about waffles. Because Lolly, a waffle maker that produces 9.4-inch waffle cones on a stick, has changed everything. Can I interest you in a wafflesicle? Of course I can.

Lolly, from Triangular Concept, can crank out four of these delicious-looking treats in under two minutes. Which is good, because that's about how long it'd take me to down the first batch and be ready for the second. [Triangular Concept via TheTrendyGirl via The Daily What]


    Am I the only one who thinks this is a retarded concept?

    How are you supposed to get it covered in strawberry jam and cream without getting it all over the place?

    I'll stick to drowning mine on a plate, thanks.

      Perhaps the use of your own dipping bowl. Then you would dip, eat and repeat until finished.

      I would agree this is a bit gimmicky but for my 2 year old it would make it easier for him to eat as using 2 utensils at once will be a challenge for some time. Plus he is a big fan of anything you can dip!

        As long as he doesn't stab the back of his throat.

        Great; teach him at an early age that reward comes with no effort. How fat will this kid be by the time he's 5 because utensils didn't slow him down?

        Chris - you must be a huge success if your work ethic and fitness were based on utensils slowing you down as a child.

      Yes...yes you are. And know we won't get off your lawn either.

    I wonder if you could do pancake batter in this badboy? or perhaps donut batter?

    Man there are so many things that one could turn into a popsicle....

      I believe the only difference between waffle and pancake batter is the amount of oil used, so it should work fine.

      Doughnuts are dough, not batter, hence the name.

      yuuuuummmmmmmm.....popsicles.....drooooool...... Now if only we could make a cheese-sicle....

    This could be a huge hit in the states, as we love food on a stick.

    changed my whole world.

    Love to have it, but not at US $878.74.

      Does anyone know where in the US this waffle on a stick maker can be purchased?

    ... you forgot to mention the price 715euros!
    or $875.57 USD or $1,036.26 AUD

    (plus postage...)

    ERRK. i don't waffles THAT much

    I just invented spray on strawberry jam and cream app for this baby.

    I wonder...

    If you slapped the thing full of ground beef, could you make a meatsicle?

    All those little indentations and edges should come out nice and crispy... and a little dipping sauce...

    Look out McDonald's! It's Meatsicle time!

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