The Only Reason To Visit France: I-WAY, The Car-Racing Simulator Retreat

Instead of visiting the Eiffel Tower, eating cheese and taking thé when you visit France next, consider instead a retreat at the exclusive virtual-racing I-WAY building in Lyon, France.

Designed by Cyrille Druart, the state of the art building is open to the public, where for €60 ($US73) you can play a single race, or spend a little more (€630/$US770) and you can partake in 10 races. Why spend that much on visiting what's essentially a glorified games arcade, you may be wondering? Have you even seen the photo gallery below?! In addition to the three simulation zones (for F1 racing, Endurance racing and rally/touring racing) it has also got a gym, bar, restaurant, shops, conference and meeting rooms and offices.

Eighteen racing simulators are offered, with the rally simulation using six Citroen S2 S1600 cars; the endurance racers can try their hand at the Pescarolo cars, and the Formula 1 racing is done in six F1 cars with faux 850bhp, 19,000rpm engines. Sure beats having a soggy crepe, eh? [I-WAY via Dezeen via OhGizmo]

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