The Nintendo 3DS Is Real, And Doesn't Need Glasses

This is the Nintendo 3DS. It has two screens: a 3.5-inch widescreen on top, and a standard screen on the bottom. It also has a Slide-Pad, and it has a two-tone colour scheme. Best of all, no glasses. Updating live.

There is a 3D depth slider to choose a degree of 3D, to maximise or even turn it off entirely. So, it looks like they made the touch panel only on the bottom screen, because it doesn't play well with the 3D top screen.

"It's been six years since we launched the Nintendo DS." So they've made improvements to the hardware of the 3DS software (better graphics).

There is also a motion-sensor and a gyroscope. "A number of new game ideas will be born to take advantage of these new game mechanisms."

It's also compatible with the DSi, because there's a camera on the inside, and two cameras on the outside. So you can take 3D photos. THREE DEES. 3D digital pictures.

The 3DS can also play back 3D Hollywood movies on this thing.

Nintendo established "project Sora" in January 2009 for one reason: to make a game for the 3DS. They wanted to make a game that's familiar to people instead of making a new game. A Kid Icarus game. The graphics actually look about Wii-quality, or slightly less than Wii quality.

The 3DS also actively searches for other 3DS systems, or open Wi-Fi points, and will automatically talk to them "without you knowing it". Nintendogs used this same functions to talk to other dog owners. But if you switched to another game, the communication stopped. But the hardware itself in the 3DS supports communication, so it doesn't matter what software is being played. It can also talk through the internet through Wi-Fi access points.

It'll automatically download new levels, quests and rankings to games. No monthly fee.

There is going to be a 3D version of Nintendogs (and cats). (What about bunnies?!?)

All these third party developers are announcing support for the 3DS. Some pretty promising games in there.

Nintendo's showing a video of the third-party developers saying how great the 3DS's 3D is.

Kojima of Metal Gear fame is going to be the only guy that shows up in all three conferences. This guy is everywhere.

They haven't shown any mock 3D images on stage yet, but they're about to try something. Oh, it's just a joke video.

On another note, DSi users must be PISSED, since they just upgraded.

Nintendo just wheeled out about 100 girls, all dressed the same, with 3DSes strapped to their belts to demo the system.

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