The Kogan ‘Portector’ – Protecting Us From Spams And Scams Since 2010

The Kogan ‘Portector’ – Protecting Us From Spams And Scams Since 2010
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Never one to miss a business opportunity, Ruslan Kogan and his team have developed the “Portector”, a high-tech device used to protect Australians from all the spams and scams that are making their way through the Portal.

Costing just a paltry $2,999 and including free shipping, the Kogan Portector is made from the “finest 8000 thread count Egyptian cotton”. It’s also a joke. The disclaimer at the bottom of the announcement says it all:

DISCLAIMER: The Kogan Portector is not a real product. The Kogan Portector is in no way affiliated with Senator Stephen Conroy, The Australian Labor Party, or the Australian Government. Incorrect use may result in uncensored Internet content, freedom of speech, freedom of choice, freedom of thought, and protection of your civil liberties.

Curiously, the Kogan website actually has a link to purchase the Portector. Not sure what happens after you enter your details – I asked Ruslan and he told me “You may actually get abducted by super natural beings that come out of the portal”, which doesn’t really make me want to try it to find out…