The Government Now Wants ISPs To Link Your Online History With Your Passport

Last week we were duly shocked by the discovery that the government is looking into a proposal to make ISPs retain a log of every website you ever visit. Now it's coming out that they may want ISPs to link that information to other personal data like your passport number.

Ben Grubb over at ZDNet broke the original story, and yesterday followed it up with a deeper insight into the proposed scheme. While the government is denying it would capture individual browsing histories, unnamed sources from ISPs are saying that the original data set sent to ISPs from the government said that they'd require allied personal information, including passport numbers.

The entire post at ZDNet is well worth a read - it seems the government is defending its intentions purely by claiming different definitions. It's an extremely scary position to find ourselves in as a country and something every one of us should be paying close attention to.




    Screw this I'm moving to New Zealand!

      Im going to start my own government, with blackjack and strippers.

      In fact, forget the blackjack.

        What is the address?

        Just watched that episode again last night. Nicely done!

      Nice try, but NZ already has an internet filter.

      There must be a glitch in the system - people wanting to leave Australia just before an election. Wasn't this why we said goodbye to Howard??

    This is incredible. What is this government thinking? What is the sense in this? Why do they want this information? What is their justification for this major assault on civil liberties. Are they going to now want to know what books we're reading?

    We deserve to know what is going on here, and why. This is a supposed free democracy, but it is becoming more and more like a cross between a right wing dictatorship with a fervorous communist grip on people's freedom of thought.

    Next we'll be having compulsory brainwave activity scans once a month, with suspect results stamped on our passports.

      .. and I'd just like to add, with further clamping down on our own society like this, the TERRORISTS ARE WINNING. Moves such as this are the building blocks for the development of a society that is as regimented and policed as a strict muslim-law nation.

        Dude, there are no terrorists. Think about it, give up your rights in the name of security so we can protect you against the terrorists.

    Wow, thats why I got a passport... to let the govnment give out my info to anyone they wanted.. nice one... maybe I should pass on bank details to make sure they have full access to identity... maybe I can ask for Senator Steve's since his clearly in the mood for sharing...

    So... I say we slap the crap out of anyone that suggests voting Labor or Greens at the next election is a good idea.

      I think a turkey slapping is a better idea, poetic justice. I shudder to think I'll be voting for Tony Abbott, but at this point I'd vote for Cyberdine Systems just to get those schmucks the hell out of office.

      Excuse me, what's wrong with the Greens? I'm voting for them with my next preferences going Liberal, presuming an independent candidate who shares similar beliefs doesn't show or Labor decide to axe Conroy. Don't just paint the "left" with one brush, because anything's better than these right of centre douchebags.

      Voting against the greens when they are the only major party opposed would be a very silly thing to do indeed. You could put pirate party 1, but it'd be a very silly thing to put labor or liberal ahead of green.

      Why would you not vote for the Greens. That is exactly what we should be doing. Break this stupid two party system.

      Punch the voters? Aha, nice one. And Greens, really? You really know nothing about the greens, do you?

      And who would you suggest? "No sex before marriage" Tony Abbot? dumb ass.

    Hmm the government is really trying hard to lose votes.

    Methinks they wont survive another term.

    I'd be surprised if Rudd and his Goons had a brain between them.

    Half the reason they got elected was "Better Internet" amongst other false promises. He's certainly going to lose a lot of votes...

    oh nos. don't really want everyone knowing i surf lemonparty!

    Uhm Sam, the Greens have been the ONLY party to vigorously attack Conroy's filter AND this scheme.


    And many others.

      Sorry, but I would also like to point out that the greens ALWAYS preference Labor.

      If you vote GREEN you are voting LABOR.

      Voting LABOR = Voting CONROY.


        Yes, but that only applies in the senate when you only put 1 number above the line. Then again I dont know if I could be bothered to fill all of the ones below the line out.

        Agreed. Though the Greens try particularly hard to show that they're an independent party with independent thought, they'll always preference Labor.

        On primary votes alone, Labor won't be reelected. Vote Greens and they will.

        not always. Can't you just pick your own preferences to ensure the preferences go the way you want it to ?

        Not if you select your own preferences, which you are more than capable of doing. Simply place a number next to EACH candidate according to where you would like the preferenced. Don't vote for an Authoritarian catholic nutbag just because you are too lazy to write a few numbers.

        Green prefs only go to Labor if you vote above the line, and a Greens controlled senate could be our only defence against a Labor or Liberal government with no respect for civil liberties.

        Sam, maybe you could learn how Australian democracy actually works before spouting your ignorance. I'll try and simplify it to your level:
        GREENS = GREENS + (Either their or your preferences depending on whether you tick one box above the line or all the boxes below the line)
        I'd suggest YOU just start with the one box.

        So vote 1 green, and put labor wherever else you want. You don't need to put your preferences where *they* tell you. The greens are currently the only major party against censorship/filtering.

    What the hell?

    What kind of content is going to prevent me from travelling to another country?

    So what if I like looking at midget granny porn?

    That is not the concern of anyone else but myself!

    *changes tabs back to the midget granny porn*

    Where are the Democrats when you want them. Keeping those bastards honest.

    I'm of voting age now. Down with Labor! I always knew they were secretly planning to turn Australia into a totalitarian state. In fact if they survive another term they're going to turn Parliament into a one-party thing and then go all the way. Evil people.

    On a more serious note, this is getting ridiculous. Fine, I was okay with optional net filtering, disappointed with mandatory filtering, furious when they said it didn't have any limits of filter scope, and now this? Seriously?

    I thought I'd live my whole life in Australia. That is beginning to look a bleak outlook.

    I am not going to vote for Labor anymore!!

    I've seen toilet seats with more brains than these Labor fools!

    This is just ridiculous, although, VPN's aren't a bad idea you know...

    This is ridiculous - leaving everything else aside the data is meaningless there are 3 - 5 Internet users accessing via different devices ( 3 PC's plus the Xboxes.. soon to be TV's fridge and microwave etc) at our house all going through a NAT router.. so exacly how do you discern which of the passport holders is actually responsible for the traffic ?
    You can't so tying it to a single passport ( presumably the account holder) is a complete waste of time and it will get punted as soon as something "innapropriate" gets tied to the passport of someone who is actually out of the country when it happens ..... assuming we're allowed to see the list of things we are supposed to have accessed which knowing these goons we probably won't .

    Hell even China isn't this bad ...

    no, that seems about right, I distinctly remember having to show my Passport and drivers license the last time I went into borders and bought a book.

    I also remember having to do a 100 point identity check when I made that call from a phone booth the other day.

    oh, and when I was talking to my college friend, I also remember the police coming up, taking both of our IDs and attaching them to each other's permanent records.

    ... oh no wait, that was all just a nightmare!

    I wish that i could vote in the Anonymous group as a party - at least they were doing something to remove the filter. COME BACK anonymous WE NEED YOU!!!!

    ps. has anyone thought that conroy would make the perfect dog? - he doesnt question anything, will blindly do what you say AND even looks like one!


    This has nothing to do with Labour. This will happen irrespective of the party in charge at the time. It's what you get for speaking your mind on online! Big brother is not happy I guess. Time to reign in those loose elements it seems.

    I am going to Name this "The Great Wall of k-Rudd".

    We all know his time in Government is now numbered.

    He will always have a place back in China, they love him there.

    So there was more to the filter after all. Multi-pronged attack. Oh... China you so bad... and you no do free speach...

    as long as they gone introduce service "get back your favorites" if your computer dies using your passport number, Im happy....

    for some reason this sounds a bit like a yellow news paper news - I can not see this been serious...

    Yep, time to vote these jackasses out of here.

    It's just really sad that our only other option is another jackass.

    This is their M.O.; "Give it to the masses in increments, slowly, over time and so before they know what hit them we will have complete control." The U.S. government, because of the proliferation of firearms held by the masses, will have to go more slowly, more carefully. I suspect the aim of all governments is to push a socialistic agenda as we plow headlong towards their "One World Order". The first step in achieving this goal is to gain control over the citizenry's ability to communicate with one another so they are going after the internet first. They will not stop.


    I was annoyed enough this morning to hear talk of banning iPods whilst riding a bike becuase one idiot crashed into a tram but this revelation is just hard to believe. Conroy has no idea. Where will this stop!?

    I am going back to India anyways...GoodLuck ozzies!

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