The Government Now Wants ISPs To Link Your Online History With Your Passport

Last week we were duly shocked by the discovery that the government is looking into a proposal to make ISPs retain a log of every website you ever visit. Now it's coming out that they may want ISPs to link that information to other personal data like your passport number.

Ben Grubb over at ZDNet broke the original story, and yesterday followed it up with a deeper insight into the proposed scheme. While the government is denying it would capture individual browsing histories, unnamed sources from ISPs are saying that the original data set sent to ISPs from the government said that they'd require allied personal information, including passport numbers.

The entire post at ZDNet is well worth a read - it seems the government is defending its intentions purely by claiming different definitions. It's an extremely scary position to find ourselves in as a country and something every one of us should be paying close attention to.


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