The Goggles That Will Transform Soldiers Into Terminators

While you were busy using augmented reality to find the nearest Krispy Kreme, a Chicago company by the name of Tanagram Partners was busy developing military-grade AR technology with lightweight sensors for interpreting information on hostiles during combat.

The company's CEO Joseph Juhnke showed the patent-pending technology off at the Augmented Reality Event in California last week, where the attendees saw how soldiers' helmets could be outfitted with very lightweight OLED translucent goggles (you can just imagine the price!), which display all the details picked up from the various sensors - which include UV and infrared sensors, stereoscopic cameras and a 360-degree camera.

The helmets would connect to the army's server, so all information on hostile scenarios could be processed and downloaded, with new info sent out to the squadrons. Each soldier could communicate with his peers, showing dangerous areas or people, marking them out in red.

Funded in part by DARPA, Tanagram Partners hopes that the technology will be ready and able by next year, with an iPhone version available early 2011 - presumably to show off their talent, rather than equip gangmembers with all the tools needed to rob the nearest 7-Eleven. [Tanagram via ReadWriteWeb]

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