The Cult Of Mac Alive And Well, It Would Seem

If we ignore, just for a moment, all the issues purportedly plaguing the iPhone 4 launch and look at simple numbers (like the purported 600,000 phones sold on day one), who exactly was buying this thing? The results? Here:

In the words of a few analyst firms, the iPhone 4 has done one thing exceptionally well. No, dear readers, it hasn't successfully changed the way we hold our mobile phones, but it has created "a recurring revenue stream in which most users will upgrade every one to two years," said Gene Munster analyst Piper Jaffray on Friday.

Kind of like a cult! I kid, but, no really, like a cult!

The exact percentage of returning customers hovers around 77 per cent, Munster said, which is leaps and bounds higher than the 56 per cent the iPhone 3GS saw in 2009 and the 38 per cent the iPhone 3G experienced in 2008. Analyst firm Oppenheimer conducted a similar poll on launch day, with similar results.

The Cult of Mac - alive and well, it would seem, and bigger than ever. Additional negative: Depending on how they treat their new toy, they could be armed with shards of tempered glass. Be wary! [AppleInsider]

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