The Best Of E3: Day 0

E3 hasn't technically even started yet (the show floor opens tomorrow), but in typical fashion, Microsoft made all their announcements a day before everyone else. Here's their news, along with that of major developers EA, Ubisoft and others:

The New Xbox

The New Xbox 360: Fully Detailed The New Xbox 360 in Person: So Glossy It Hurts

The New and Old Xbox

The Old $US199 Xbox 360 Still Alive, But Slated for Update Zune Music Streams Music on Xbox 360 ESPN on Xbox 360 is Free For Gold Members Netflix Search Coming To Xbox 360 In November Microsoft (And Everyone), Adopt Apple's FaceTime Video Chat Standard


What Is Xbox 360 Kinect? Video Kinect Lets You Chat With Xbox Live and Windows Live Messenger "Xbox, Earl Grey, Hot": Microsoft Kinect Should Think Bigger Than Games Question of the Day: How Likely Are You to Buy Kinect? Microsoft, You Just Creeped Us Out a Bit

The Games

Do you like bullets? A Fable 3 Trailer Golden-Eye for the Wii (So you get retro graphics too) Crysis 2 has three of the dees, not just two Battlefield Bad Company 2 also likes that unpopular war Metal Gear Solid: Rising has so much awesome cutting Dead Space 2: Deadder Space Assassin's Creed 2.5

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