The Best New Games Of 2010

E3 is now over, which gives us a pretty thorough view of what's coming down the pipe between now and the end of the year. Here are the best games (in our opinion) that you're going to be playing.

Halo Reach: It's upgraded graphics, space dogfighting and a speedier campaign. If you're the type of person who likes Halo and wants more of what you like, this is it

Castlevania: Harmony of Despair: A new 2D, multiplayer Castlevania game!

Dance Central for Kinect: It's going to do for dancing games what Rock Band did for rhythm-button-instrument games

Echochrome 2: With PlayStation Move support. Imagine using your Move as a flashlight to move shadows around in a puzzle game. Yep, that's fun

Rock Band 3: Now with real instruments

Infamous 2: If you like blasting people with lightning

Metal Gear Solid Rising: Oh man, cutting things!

Gran Turismo 5: Finally

Journey, from the guys hwo made flOw and Flower: Because it's different

The next 3D Zelda game

Fable 3

Killzone 3: A zone designated just for killing seems like a bad idea

Medal of Honor: Call of Duty's cousin finally catches up

GoldenEye for Wii: A chance to relive your high school multiplayer gaming days, if you can manage to find three other friends who live in the same area as you now

Portal 2

Donkey Kong Country Returns: Donkey Kong was named Donkey Kong because the Japanese wanted something "stupid" and something that invoked a gorilla.

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This list is in no way complete, but just a small highlight of games we saw and heard at E3. We'll of course be playing stuff like Gears of War 3, the new Twisted Metal, plus many others.

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