The Artist Of The Cyber Future

Isn't she beautiful in an eerie way? This lady sprang from the mind of Benedict Campbell, a digital artist with a flair for capturing the extraordinary potential future.

You can see more of Campbell's work on his website, but here are some of my favourites from his Cyber Future collection:

Stunning, no? Campbell is described as a "visual chameleon" with a vision and process to match:

With Benedict's creative origins very much grounded in photography, his use of computer generated imagery has been to enhance reality, rather than detract from it. By creating a ‘virtual studio' on computer, Benedict is able to create sets that he can light, dress and manipulate in the same way that he can do with photography. Unlike photography however, this new media is boundless in its scope , pushing back the frontiers of perception while remaining accessible and reassuringly ‘organic'.

Campbell has several sets of photos, videos and various art in his portfolio. I highly recommend that you check them out. [Benedict Campbell]

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