The Apps Updated For iOS 4

Apple's iOS 4 has arrived, bringing multitasking and more to iPhones and iPod Touches everywhere (iTunes willing). Here are the apps that already take advantage of the new OS, and some that should be hitting the App Store soon.

In the App Store NOW:

Dropbox - Sync your Dropbox files in the background. • Evernote - Download and upload notes in the background, and continue recording voice notes while you're messing around in other apps. • LinkedINHow To Cook EverythingTuneIn RadioOffMapsWeightBotNYTimesESPN ScoreCenterPastebotRunKeeperPromodoro

Hitting the App Store with iOS4 updates soon:

Nap AppMotionMeterBatting GogglesAmp Music PlayerPlaceTaggerRockola.FM • Task Aware

Know of other apps that are taking advantage of iOS 4's multitasking, local notifications or fast app switching? Let us know and we'll update this post.

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