That's Not An iPhone Battery Pack, This Is An iPhone Battery Pack

Most extended battery packs for the iPhone are drab boxes. How we have lived in such a world, I do not know.

The Icon is a backup battery by essential tpe. It plugs into the iPhone's dock connector to provide an extra three hours of talk time, but its specific claim to fame is its EL (electroluminescent) lighting film that displays the battery's power level through an Apple-esque battery meter aesthetic.

Even when unplugged, the Icon will display its remaining battery stash - which is a touch worrisome, given that the Icon is the first device of its kind to use EL tech and, simultaneously, EL is not known as the most energy efficient lighting solution. But I'm assuming the engineers have figured that part out.

(Any experts in the audience, please feel free to clarify.)

To purchase and Icon, you'll need to contact essential tpe through their official Paypal line to have it shipped overseas (price unspecified). But such is the cost of owning what very well may be the most exclusive iPhone battery backup system on the planet. [Icon via Yanko Design]

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