Student Made Robotic Desk Lamp Is The First Step To Tony Stark's Computer

This LuminAR robotic lamp combines the cute personality of Pixar's Luxo with the futuristic ability of the robotic arms in Iron Man. We'll all use one of these in 10 years.

Nathan Linder, a MIT student, turned a lamp, pico projector, webcam and computer into a full blown robotic personal assistant that will change the way you view your desk lamp. The LuminAR robotic lamp "sees" what you're doing through its webcam and augments your actions accordingly. It displays information, like web pages, videos and more, through its pico projector and can even read and recognise user gestures and input. The idea, according to Linder, is to "transform surfaces and objects into interactive spaces that blend digital media and information with the physical space".

The only downside about this robotic desk lamp is that you'll still need a regular desk lamp for light. [LuminAR via DVICE]

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