Stoner Duo Busted For Ambitious "Blue Dream" Pot-for-iPad Craigslist Ad

Pro tip: When you post a Craigslist ad proposing an iPad-for-"blue dream straight outta Cali" marijuana trade and also post a picture of said illegal substance for all to see, the local police will find and arrest you.

I know this because it just happened to an enterprising duo in Gilbert, Arizona the other day and was all over the local news there.

Basically what 20-year-olds Jacob Walker and buddy Joseph Velarde did was smoke a shit ton of their own stash, get stoned, and then come up with what, at the time, probably seemed like the most ingenious idea either of their fried brain cells had ever conceived. And yes, you're right, while I technically don't know if they were stoned at the time (guilty as charged), I do know that the two decided to use Craigslist to solicit an iPad using a 3rd gen iPod touch and a quarter ounce of the aforementioned "blue dream straight outta cali" bud.

The pot was conveniently placed in a jar on a scale, so potential traders - and police - would know exactly what they were getting into with the deal. When undercover officers were offered the pot during a meeting, arrests - and tech history - were made.

Both men currently face charges for possession of an illegal substance and conspiracy to sell marijuana. Also, no iPad. [AZ Family via Edible Apple]

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