StealthArmor Is A More Attractive Fix For iPhone 4 Reception Than A Bumper Case

Supposedly iPhone 4 reception issues are fixed if you just hold the device differently (uncomfortable and awkward!) or put it in a Bumper case (ugly!). This StealthArmor for the iPhone 4 might be the first attractive pseudo-solution.

StealthArmor appears to be more of a self-adhesive covering than a case, but it's supposed to keep your iPhone 4 free of scratches just the same. As it comes with side panels that prevent your fingers from coming into direct contact with the device's antennas - which is supposedly what causes the reception issues - it might also prevent your signal from dropping:

It's not a real solution, in my opinion, as I don't think I should have to put my beautiful gadget into any sort of case to prevent my signal from disappearing, but at least it's decent looking and seems to work.

The StealthArmor is priced at $US25 for the clear version or $US45 for one of the fancier patterned versions. [StealthArmor]


    That looks a lot better designed than the fancy neon-coloured bumpers.

    meanwhile, everywhere else in the world, unless you have *no reception at all* your call won't be dropped...

    whoops, missed the side panels... this solution just might work!

    okay, I do agree that it does look much better than the bumper cases or other solutions, but this cover doesnt block you from touching the antenna spot which makes you drop your call, so how is this a solution?

    Just so you know the StealthArmor looks great but their postage out of the US is insane. They are charging USD80 with UPS and won't entertain the idea that that is an insane cost and can be done for a much more affordable rate.

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