Sony A390, A290 Are Entry-Level DSLRs With Only A Quick AF Live View Difference

Two entry-level DSLRs from Sony today, both with an eye on your budget. The A390 and A290 both have 14.2MP sensors, with the only major difference being the Quick AF Live View on the former model.

The Quick AF Live View is combined with a 2.7-inch tilt LCD screen, so shooters can see what they're about to snap from any angle. This'll come in particular use when playing with heights — taking photos crouching on the ground, or raising the DSLR above your head, the angled LCD will show you what you're photographing.

Both cameras have a mini-HDMI output, and new grip design and button layout to make it even easier for first-time users of DSLRs. The A290 weighs just a little less, at 508g, whereas the A390 is 549g (both weights with battery included). On sale this winter, with prices not yet known.

UPDATE: is reporting that the A290 with an 18-55mm lens will cost $US500, and the A390 will cost $US600, with both models on sale in July. Giz reader Knight pointed out in the comments below that "the A290 also has a larger viewfinder. 0.83x magnification as opposed to the 0.74x on the A390".

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