Some iiNet Customers Enjoying A Surprise Data Bonus

If you're an iiNet Home Broadband 2 or Naked customer, you may have received a nice little pre-tax bonus from your ISP in the shape of some extra quota. Huzzah for more data!

iiNet unleashed its covert plan upgrade earlier this week without actually making any public announcement. Not all plans get the upgrade, but those that do get extra data for the same price, and the extra data is available for both current customers and new sales on those plans.

If you aren't sure whether or not you received an upgrade, here are a couple of handy tables that outline which plans got the boost:

Basic business broadband plans have also received a slight boost, but it's the consumer plans we're really happy about. And maybe it's just me, but I also like the fact that they just boosted the quota without actually telling anyone as well - a nice rewarding feeling for iiNet customers all around...

[iinet - Thanks Cameron!] ]

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