Solar Powered Fab Lab House May Save The World, But Not Your Eyes

On show until the end of June at the solar decathlon expo in Barcelona, this Fab Lab house is already making waves due to the fact it can be built in 15 days and house a family of four.

Measuring 75 squared metres, it's the work of the Institut D'Arquitectura Avancada de Catalunya, who chose the odd paraboloid shape as they believed it was the perfect form for making the most of the sun's rays. As you will have noticed, the top is covered in solar panels, and thanks to the elevation from its three legs, the house should be cool in summer.

Rather than just a couple of concept pictures, IAAC has actually developed the project to the point where they can build the house for you, with the contact details located on their website. It's bound to be pricey, but as it's made from natural materials it's possibly one of the most eco-friendly abodes you could hope for. [Fab Lab via DesignBoom]

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