So That’s What Spams And Scams Look Like Coming Through The Portal

Attention all Australians. The spams and scams are coming through the portal. So you can prepare yourself appropriately, please view these images closely to learn what you’re up against

Image credits (left to right, top to bottom):
Paul Smith, Ben Price, Andrew Ramadge, Andrew Ramadge, Wayde Christie, Steve Earp, Nathan Organ, FiendMD, Peter Farquhar, Jase, Nathan Grafton, Sam Pryor, Dale J Williams, Davide Rizzo, William Fettke, Luke Eller, Ben Tucker, Andrew Erkins, MDolley, Rod Sutherland, Aidan Green, Leigh Kaszick, Brett Gaboritt

Thanks everyone for their entries. They were all awesome, every one!

PS – If you still want to contribute, I’ll keep adding pics to the gallery as you send them in.