Sleep Blaster App Keeps You From Waking Up At The End Of The Line

To stand out in the already-overpopulated field of alarm clock iPhone apps, you have to bring some really unique functionality to the table. Sleep Blaster does just that, with one extremely good alarm clock idea and one extremely bad one...

The bad idea? Giving you the ability to yell at your alarm clock to shut it up.

If you could turn your alarm off in the morning just by screaming at it, would you ever wake up? I sure as hell wouldn't. I strategically place my alarms (plural) as far away from my bed as possible, because if it's close enough to turn off while remaining horizontal, then all hope's lost. Sleep Blaster not only lets you remain horizontal, but conceivably lets you stay turned on your stomach, with your face in the pillow, adventuring through Slumberland with barely any interruption. OK, sure, the app gives you the option of turning off alarms in all the traditional ways, too, but like I said, there are hundreds of apps that do that.

But alongside that dangerous, delicious "yell-to-keep-sleeping" function, Sleep Blaster offers one truly great one: geographical wake-up. You just trace a boundary on a map and as soon as you cross it, the alarm sounds. If you've ever woken up at the last subway station on the line, you know just how valuable this feature could be.

If you want to be sure you're awake when you hit your stop, or if you just want to see if you have the discipline to function as a contributing member of society with "yell-to-snooze" functionality in your life, you can find Sleep Blaster in the App Store for $2.49. [iTunes]

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