Single Serving Wine Glass Drowns Your Multiple Sorrows

A box of wine is portable, but not classy. Stemware is classy, but not portable. But in a stroke of mad genius, inventor James Nash has combined the two to revolutionise drinking on the go. Cheers! Meet the Tulip.

Nash's company, Wine Innovations, has been selling these babies like hotcakes at about $US3.40 a glass. Which isn't bad for the quantity: each sealed, recyclable container contains 187.5ml of vino. Just enough to convince yourself that you're not drinking a full glass, so might as well pop open another one.

Judging by the promo shots, Tulip looks like it's available in red, white and murkey orange flavours. You can currently only get it in the UK and Europe, with promises of US distribution "in the near future". Hopefully that means by the time spring comes around; there's nothing that would fill out a picnic basket better than a spill-proof, single-serving glass of murky orange. And by "picnic basket" I mean both my right and left hands, inappropriately early on a weekday. [Wine Innovations via CrunchGear]

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