Samsung's Galaxy S Pro To Be Sprint's Second 4G Phone?

If you speak to the good chaps at AndroidCommunity, they'll tell you that the forthcoming Galaxy S Pro will be a Sprint exclusive - and the carrier's second 4G phone, after the HTC EVO 4G. Here's what else we know:

Being a flagship phone for Samsung, it's pretty safe to assume it'll have one of their new Super AMOLED screens (seen on the Galaxy S from a few months back), with this one featuring a slide-out QWERTY keypad and 5MP camera with LED flash. That's another point it's scored higher than the previous Galaxy S.

Supposedly it'll ship with Android 2.1, which is a bit puzzling considering Froyo is bound to be out by then - and Samsung's gone ahead and slicked its god-awful TouchWiz 3.0 UI over the top. That's all that's known about the Galaxy S Pro, with AndroidCommunity's tipster saying it holds up against the Galaxy S in terms of speed - so may very well have the very same 1GHz processor and 512 RAM/ROM. [AndroidCommunity]

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