Samsung NX5 Hybrid DSLR Shaves Off Price - And Features - From NX10

However strange it seemed for Samsung to launch a new camera category with the NX10 hybrid DSLR - which puts a DSLR-sized sensor in a smaller body - they're sticking with it. Hence the NX5: a cheaper, slightly less capable NX10.

Details are a little foggy still as to what exactly you'll be giving up to jump down the the NX5's $US855 price tag, but the new model looks to trade a 3-inch LCD screen for of the NX10's AMOLED. The main features, though - like that 14.6MP APS-C CMOS sensor - appear to be intact.

What's interesting is seeing how well that $US855 holds up, especially considering you can find NX10 deals for considerably below that on Amazon today. We'll find out when the NX5 gets its late June release. [ via Engadget]

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