Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet To Come In Bigger Models?

What difference does an inch make? If you ask Samsung, quite a bit apparently. The leaked 7-inch Galaxy Tab tablet will be joined by an 8-inch and 10-inch model several months after the August launch pitted for the 7-inch Android.

They'll go on sale first in South Korea in December, according to the Korea Herald, and will then be rolled out worldwide after that - presumably if the reception is favourable.

Leaked by the South African Twitter account for Samsung, all we know so far about the 7-incher is that it has "a high-res TFT screen" and "at the top-end it has a 3.5mm jack". Judging by the photo sent out on the Twitter account, it either has phone functionality or can be used with a VoIP handset. [Korea Herald via Samsung Hub via Phone Arena]

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