Rock Band 3 Will Try To Teach You How To Actually Play Instruments

Rock Band 3 is going to come with a real-deal MIDI keyboard. Yes, this new music game will attempt to teach you to actually play music.

Sure, it's a tiny little wiener of a keyboard, with only 25 keys, but it's a keyboard nonetheless. When you play in the new "Rock Band Pro" mode, you'll be using all 25 of those keys rather than just hitting keys in a designated area.

To compliment this new, more-realistic instrument, two new guitars are also in development that'll be closer to the real thing. Yes, that means they'll have actual strings, with one of them being a full-sized replica of a Fender Stratocaster and the other a Fender Mustang Pro.

It's actually pretty cool! If you want to learn an instrument and are into video games, this might just be the way to make that happen. [USA Today via Kotaku]

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