Robots Are Taking Over In A New Hospital Opening In Scotland

Robots (albeit not quite as pretty as Salma Hayek in Across The Universe) are replacing humans in a $US444 million hospital opening in Scotland. They'll take over some of the more menial duties of ward-workers, including bringing meals and dispensing drugs.

They'll live underneath the hospital and use service elevators, coming out only to do the aforementioned chores, and other little jobs like disposing of rubbish and cleaning rooms. Humans are still very much in charge at the Forth Valley Royal Hospital though, with staff members using PDAs to control the 'bots who have a set list of pre-programmed routes. The likelihood of one breaking into the blood bank and stealing the cherry-coloured liquid is very slim, by the sounds of it.

Opening in August, it's the first hospital in the UK to use robots, and is hoped it'll decrease levels of infection caused by the same person treating patients and handling rubbish. [BBC via TG Daily]


    Skynet is coming...

      Not if AI testing is anything like application testing at Telstra...

    They'll be exactly like the hospital porters in that region and before long they'll be swigging from bottles of Buckfast and stealing the chocolates your visitors brought you.

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