Reverse Perspective Video Will Drive You Bonkers

This video shows God's view of the world. No, I'm not kidding. Trust me, there's an explanation about why God must really have a lot of problems grabbing his coffee mug.

That's what Orthodox artists of the Byzantine and Russian Empires called this way of looking at the world. A world in which lines converge on the viewer. Nowadays, it's called reverse perspective, inverted perspective or, if you are an artist, Byzantine perspective.

Traditionally, linear perspective converges in a distant point in the horizon. If you put yourself on a straight railway or a road, you will see the lines converging in the horizon. This 3D video presents exactly the contrary, a view in which the rails converge down on your feet, getting apart the more they get away from you.

It doesn't use any tricks. No objects are artificially scaled, the models are straight 3D models with no deformations. It's just the camera, programmed to reverse the normal perspective with quite escherian results.

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