Researchers Develop Incredibly Efficient Air Conditioning Tech

My current apartment lacks air conditioning of any kind. Good for the environment and the utility bill, but bad for me and my restless sleep. News today of some crazy 90% more efficient AC has made me feel worse.

This miraculous AC does what it does courtesy "DEVap." For the layman, and me, this means it uses liquid desiccants and "evaporative coolants" to effectively cool previously hard-to-cool dry heat. And instead of nasty CFC refrigerants, the DEVap uses a salt solution. Less global warming that way— a good thing!

Of course there's the usual caveat: This is lab-only for now until researchers decipher a way to mass market it to sweaty schleps like me. Then again, since you're a well-read individual used to fantastic discoveries being described as "available in the future," you already knew this. [NREL via Engadget]

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