Replace Your Fat Ugly Cables With Pretty Wires As Thin As Tape

It's more than a little shocking that even in 2010, cables and wires are still so, so ugly. Luckily, Wiretape is looking to change all that. With wires that look like, well, tape.

Other than the fact that Wiretape looks gorgeous (relative to its ugly older stepsister, cords), it can be cut to any length, be painted over and is flexible enough to be folded over numerous times. It's also resistant to extreme temperatures and water, which, when you put it all together, makes it as functional as your current wires while being 100 times sexier.

Developed by Hitech Innovation Group in collaboration with FAME, Wiretape will be available in September in two sizes: a width of five lines for small connections like USB, audio, video, S-VHS and Compositive AV and a width of 18 lines for larger connections like HDMI, VGA, and RJ45.

We know we've said you shouldn't waste money on expensive cables, but we might have to make an exception for these. [Wiretape]

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