Remember, You Can Always Return Your New iPhone

If the finicky antenna really is a dealbreaker for you, if your screen still has yellow spots...even if you're just afraid of dropping and shattering the iPhone 4, don't worry. You can still return it no matter who you bought it from:

Although many - not all - of us on staff are keeping the iPhone 4 despite its problems, we realise a lot of you are unhappy with it because of hardware issues.

The following are no-questions-asked return policies for simply returning the phone without pleading your case with a manager or proving that your unit is faulty.

If You Purchased from Apple

• You have 30 days to return • Full refund (no restocking fees) • You can still buy another new phone (your old upgrade eligibility date - the one you lost when you bought the new iPhone - is returned to your account)

The bottom line is this: Maybe you can live with the iPhone as-is and maybe you can't. But it's hard to imagine Apple avoiding any re-engineering between now and the inevitable next iPhone release in a year (hard... though not impossible). Even if you really want to keep your new iPhone, returning it now to buy anew later doesn't sound like a crazy idea if you can avoid restocking fees. In fact, it might send just the right message.

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