Reeder Is Coming To Claim The iPad RSS Crown

A lot of people consider Reeder to be the best iPhone RSS app, so there's considerable anticipating for the native iPad version, which is currently being reviewed for App Store approval. These shots confirm: at least it'll be pretty.

I've been waffling between NewsRack and NetNewsWire, but both have some pretty big issues (NewsRack's Google Reader sync gets out of whack a lot of the time, and, among other things, NetNewswire puts the bylines at the BOTTOM of the screen. Argh.) So when Reeder lands on the iPad in a few days, it's definitely possible that it'll immediately lead the pack. MacStories sure seems to think so, anyway.

TechCrunch posted some new shots of the app, which will be $US5, and it does indeed look nice, incorporating a clean, Instapaper-esque aesthetic with some clever functionality like pinchable quick-look stacks of feeds.

We'll have a full rundown of the app - and answer if it does, in fact, deserve the iPad RSS crown - as soon as it's available. [TechCrunch]

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