Razer's Official Starcraft II Gear: Star-crafty

Razer could've slapped the Starcraft II logo on a bunch of standard PC gaming gear and walked straight to the bank to collect. They didn't, it seems.

There are three pieces of official Starcraft II gear Razer's producing: Spectre, the mouse; Marauder, the keyboard; and Banshee, the headset. Even without the Starcraft logo etched onto the side, you can just tell they're for Starcraft. They're all legit designed for real-time strategy games, so even if, for some reason, Starcraft II isn't on an RTS player's agenda—is that possible?—they'd still be interesting for hardcore RTSers (in particular the mouse).

They're all integrated more deeply than you would expect, though, with Razer's software actually part of the game's code. For instance! The blinky lights on every piece are tied to the actions per minute count—so if someone speeds up from pulling off 100 actions per minute to 300, the lights change colour. Superfluous, but yeah. One driver pack—for Mac or PC—drives all three pieces of gear, which work completely in sync, if you have all three.

• Spectre Mouse

Simple, small, aggro angular, but more comfortable than I thought it would feel, and it's surprisingly light. It's designed to be like the simple mice hardcore Starcraft tournament players use, so it's just got 5 buttons, but it uses the same 5600dpi sensor as Razer's other recent mice. It's $US80, in line with what Razer's other gaming mice at this level cost.

• Marauder Keyboard

Designed around the most popular Samsung keyboard used by Korean Starcraft tournament players, it's a pretty basic keyboard beyond the lights. (In part because regulations mean crazy macros are out.) Seems really pricey at $US120, more so than most of Razer's gear.

• Banshee Headset

It looks like a Terran spaceship captain's (stereo) headset. It's kind of tight around your head. The mic is detachable. Also pretty pricey, at $US120.


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