Rafael Nadal Just Won The French Open Wearing This $US525,000 Wristwatch

Congratulations to Rafael Nadal, whose dominance on Roland Garros clay was reaffirmed today following his French Open victory over Swede Robin Soderling. The victory is sweet, to be sure, but so was the bling he wore on his wrist.

Designed especially for Nadal by high-end Swiss watchmaker Richard Mille, the Tourbillon Watch RM 027 sports the lofty price tag mentioned above, as well as a number of other one-of-a-kind features:

RM 027 is said to be the lightest mechanical watch to be ever made. Its movement base plate is made from Titanium and Lital alloy, a high lithium content alloy containing aluminium, copper, magnesium and zirconium with a density of 2.55. The alloy mixture also includes Lithium which is considered as one of the lightest elements is expected to provide strength without added weight. The watch is considered one of the world's lightest mechanical tourbillon wristwatches with a movement weight of just a mere 3.83 grams. - Pinoytutorial

Only 50 of these watches will be made, and with Nadal's decisive victory at the French Open (no sets lost the entire tournament), I imagine the value may even go up slightly. Start saving! [Pinoy Tutorial via Huffington Post]

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