Question Of The Day: How Long Did Your iOS4 Update Take?

The new iPhone OS4 just dropped today, allowing people with an iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS or iPod Touch to update their devices. But man, this has taken a lot of us here forever. My 3G is on hour 3!


    lol, "I just love how Macs are so user friendly, so simple and easy to use!"

    so what? you have to back up your whole iphone? install the update, then copy everything back again?? that seems lame...

      Please educate yourself. All you need to do is press "Check for Update" in iTunes. Everything else is done automatically.

    It only took about 10 minutes for me: 5 to download then 5 to upgrade. There was no restore at all, everything was as is after upgrade as well - Safari pages, email, photos, etc.

    What have these other iPhones got on them that made it take so long?

    iPhone 3GS 32G
    Mac OS X 10.6.4

    Download: 5 minutes
    Backup: already done cause my phone was synced prior to downloading update so no extra time required
    Install: 5 minutes

    My iPhone is probably 60% full of content (8GB Audio and 6GB Video)

    Maybe there is some optimisation on how full an iPhone is?

    Took about 5-10 min. Although I had backed up and transferred purchases yesterday as suggested.

    Took 20 mins, no problems and everything works as it should

    Can't understand how it could take any longer than 30mins! Took about 20mins for me this morning, backed it up last night and made sure everything was ready to go this morning.

    20/32GB used on 3GS, running 10.6.4

    update was simple took about 2 or 3 minutes. im gona see how long it takes for the ipod touch if there is any difference.

    3 hours and counting .....

    Took about 10mins to download, 5 minutes to update.

    Epic fail.

    Tried the update from not my main machine.

    Forgot to login to iTunes store first and iTunes
    decides that it can't copy music locally so it "syncs" my phone by deleting all my apps.

    Updating from China... 3 hours. Mostly because I cannot use the cell service here. Too costly.

    Closing in on 3 hours and no sign of it getting close to finishing

    From NL, Ipod Touch on new computer (I hope don't loose my data)... around 1 hour and still running...

    Left it overnight, woke up 7 hours later to the same progress it was at when I went to bed. Now it won't restore from my mac or my brother's pc. Thanks for bricking my iPhone, apple!

    So it has taken about an hour so far and I am certain the green bar hasnt' moved much in the last 30 minutes... Maybe its because I am on an iphone 3g??

    I am about 2 hrs in and it still says downloading 1 item and the backing up iphone green bar is about 5% full and does not seem to be moving. I am affraid to abort. F'd up thing is I keep getting text I can't reply to and I am affraid a phone call might kill it.

    By the way for those saying it took 2-3 minutes or 5-10 minutes, then you are not downloading and installing the newest version. There is no way it could possibly be that quick, even a regular sync takes 2-3 minutes. I bet when you check your phone you won't have the updated version.

    2 green bars took 90 minutes, prolly 20 bars to go, cancelled it. totally appled. fail doesnt come close.

    Just updated mine. took exactly 7 minutes. iOS4 looks pretty neat!

    Heard people reporting of long update times so i was a bit wary. mine went without a hitch.

    Mine was quick and it's all fine and good to go and it is the newest version coz now my iphone looks different. Also, what do you class as a regular sync? mine only takes usually 10 - 20 seconds.

    I just cancelled because I thought it was too much, but now I around hour 2 and it seems it will take like 3 more.

    I have an Iphone 3G 8gb almost full.


    Update downloaded in about 15 minutes which we reasonably quick.

    Backing up is at about 5% after about an hour. My iPhone 3G is only half full I have the 16GB one and I only have 8GB of files on there.

    SO SLOW!!!! Any one else having this proablem.
    Also the backup bar does not appear to be moving any more.

    How stupid! I would love to be able to download the update and save it as a file on the PC so I can update more than one iPhone and choose the source as the saved file, but having to connect each one to the network and download for over 3 hours is CRAZY!
    This is the first negative I have found with our new iPhone purchases, I hope it will be the last. (I bet it won't be).
    The download went for half an hour then crashed, so I had to start it again.

    stupid thing still says 6 hours remaining, i have'nt got time for this crap, what happens if you disconnect?

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