Question Of The Day: Do You Care About Magazines On Tablets?

Magazines really hope you're willing to pay near-cover prices for digital versions of their rags on tablets, like the first batch that have been hitting the iPad. So, are you?

This whole digital magazine thing doesn't really get me too excited. I mean, the iPad is amazing at just surfing the internet. I use it to read the New York Times through Safari, not through some app. And I'd rather do that with just about everything. The normal internet is convenient. It lets you surf around, find your own context for things, keep multiple windows open. Apps, on the other hand, keep you confined to what they want you to read and see. It doesn't seem worth paying extra to me. But the form is still young and it may have some tricks up its sleeve yet.

What do you think? Are you interested in tablet-based digital magazines?

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