Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 iPhone App Has Awesome New Tilt Controls

If you just can't get enough soccer/football at the moment with the World Cup kicking off on the weekend, then you'd best check out Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 for the iPhone, which has new tilt-controls for better gameplay.

It's been on the App Store for just 24 hours, and while it's a little pricey at $13 it's meant to be one of the best PES games yet. Recombu took a look at it and reported that the tilt controls work well, with the iPhone accelerometer recognising a tilt of the hand or a tap on the screen for shooting or passing. The virtual analogue pad and dual virtual buttons are still on offer for the most basic gameplay though, if you happen to be on a rocky boat or something and can't stay in control of the motion. [iTunes via Recombu]

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