Portable Teleprompter Makes You A Professional Presenter On The Cheap

If you fancy a career in television then you'll want to prepare yourself to read from a teleprompter. The problem is, those things are crazy expensive. So why not check out the Prompt-it, a portable teleprompter that uses your iPhone to guide you through your on-air speech.

The Prompt-it consists of a mini tripod, a base to hold your iPhone, a piece of beamsplitter glass from which you read the speech you've pre loaded onto your iPhone and a custom designed cover/carry case which blocks out ambient light, making it easier to read the teleprompted content.

The Prompt-it allows you to place your camera behind the beamsplittrer glass, allowing you to look directly into the lens of your camera while talking. It'll set you back $199, which is relatively cheap for this kind of thing. It's a small price to pay for the illusion you're good at public speaking, in any case...


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