PlayStation Plus Explained

At E3, Sony skimmed over their new $US50/year (or $US18/three months) premium PS3 service called PlayStation Plus. Now, they've finally outlined exactly what's included in the offer:

What PlayStation Plus Includes

Free, rotating monthly PSN games, minis and PS One Classics (at launch, those titles will be "WipEout HD, PSP minis and PS One Classics such as Fieldrunners, Age of Zombies and Rally Cross" - you keep them even if you cancel Plus) • Discounts (20% to 50% off certain PSN games/content) • Early Beta/Demo AccessFull Game Trials (essentially one hour, full-game demos that can be purchased after testing) • Automatic Downloads (your PS3 will wake in the night, downloading system and game patches, as well as content like videos)

What PlayStation Plus Lacks

Cross-game chat (this is the big current request) • Hardware Discounts (all offers are PSN-only) • Other Stuff (I'm sure that people will be crying foul about something)

Honestly, the reason I really want the service is the automatic updates. As a guy who doesn't play PS3 every day (or every week), I feel punished with a series of downloads whenever I do sit down to play. But I think what would justify the purchase would be all the free games.

If Sony isn't going to overhaul the backend of their online service for premium customers (and let's just admit it, our prized Japanese hardware companies have proven to be pretty lousy at this aspect of consoles), they really do seem like they've done the next best thing - bring on all the "free" stuff!

I think that I may break down and buy Plus for year one. I'm interested, however, as to whether or not they'll keep me for year two. I guess I'll have to see whether Plus actually saves me money, or at least, gets me to spend enough to save, or whatever their profit model is here. [PlayStation Blog]

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    I would be getting it except you can only keep the games if you stay subscribed, kinda dodgy

      "you keep them even if you cancel Plus"

    I saw the suggestion on another site, but they should really consider adding cloud storage for save games - have just had a console die and lose a number of game saves, I would pay just to get that service!

      Exactly why i'm playing games on my PC again now while my PS3 is just used for PlayTV duties.

      I dont see any reason to purchase a subscription. How about giving us some decent playTV upgrades i.e. remote sheduling and series recording,

    the biggest ripoff since live.

    "free rotating psn titles" whatever. theres barely anything worth buying anyway.

    "discounts" see above.

    "beta's and early demo's" yeah, i recall this being included in my qore sub. yet i never got into any beta nor did i get a demo earlier than psn.

    "full game trials" roflmfao! thats what eb games are for. except i get the game for a week not 1 hour.

    "auto d/l's" great. another thing chewing up my electricty and data. also, the wii has this built in as standard and sony want me to pay for it? gtfo!


      Then don't get it.

      They're not exactly forcing you to get it, are they?

        Gino is correct, and apparently we all get 2 (or 3?) months free trial of the service on launch. I think I'll get it, for the cost of a new game a year you get a free game a month.

    PS3 is just for playing Blurays and recording TV shows.
    Real men Microsoft and torrent

      Real men don't torrent, that's sissy.

    Just read over the rather extensive ToS for this. Seems like you can keep 'Type 1' content after the subscription ends ('Premium' Themes & Avatars) yet you will be barred from accessing and using Type 2 content (such as Playstation network games, PSone games and minis) 'even if you downloaded it (the content) before expiry'. Which gets me interested...
    If I've downloaded, let's say, a PSone game through my PlaystationPlus subscription then installed it on my PSP and PS3, how will Sony prevent me from accessing and using the Type 2 content once the subscription period ends (and I choose not to renew)...?
    Oh, and Sony, doesn't want people swinging in and out of this subscriber service. Laying out a latent threat by reserving the right to take away access to delivered content obtained from an earlier period of subscription.
    Geez take away Linux through an 'update', then booby trap the f**k out of your 'premium' subscription service. Way to go Sony!

    Sony is a brilliant company and although there terms of use are a bit crazy some times they have there reasons and for the vast majority it doesn't matter. Yes sony can do this and that, but for a 69.95 you get 5 free full games which is crazy and it is constantly being updated as we speak with more and more content it is a brilliant service and beats the shit out of Microsoft....

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