Play The Most Irritating Instrument On Your iPad: The Bagpipes

You can "learn" to "play" many instruments on the iPad, but now you can irritate neighbours for hours with the world's most joy-sapping tool of all — the bagpipes. You can even play along to your iTunes library!

If the $6 price hasn't put you off, then you may be interested to learn that the same developers have created Scottish border pipes and smallpipes apps as well. The smallpipes and border pipes are in the key of A, whereas the highland pipes are in B-flat, with the main difference being the more mellow sound for the first two type of pipes.

"Playing" the apps sounds pretty easy, with the touchscreen highlighting the keys that need fingering at the right moments. The neatest thing of all though (if you can call anything in relation to a set of virtual bagpipes as being "neat") is that you can play along to songs in your iPad music library. Lady Gaga accompanied by bagpipes? Sure, why not? [AppShopper]

Update: All three apps are on sale today for $2.49.

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