Pixelated Animals Roaming In Meatspace

On your computer screen, a pixelated image of a peacock is an eyesore. But in meatspace it's a pretty incredible sight. Sculptor Shawn Smith renders peacocks, mooses and more in tiny plywood cubes, showing the world pixelation in the round.

Smith, a Texas native, has been working in 3D pixels for years, exploring the "slippery intersection between the digital world and reality".

In my building process, I start with a full sheet of material like plywood or MDF and cut it into 1/2" strips of varying lengths—typically 1/2" to 2' long. I then hand dye each strip of wood individually with dyes mixed from ink and acrylic paint. I mix each colour by hand to create a huge palette of colours in order to give the sculpture more depth and visual interest before assembling the object.

Thankfully for us, his compression algorithm is still pretty lousy. [Shawn Smith via Fubiz]

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