Pepper Mouth Peripheral Stinks When You Swear Online

If you suspect you've been cursing a bit too much in your inter-office emails and e-cards, you might want to set a port aside for the Pepper Mouth, a concept peripheral that stinks when you swear. Consider yourself Pavlov's typist.

It's simple cause and effect: you type a bad word, and the Pepper Mouth emits a bad smell. The concept, developed at the Ultra-Modern-Life Training Lab, could work for any curse-prone users, but it's especially targeted at youngsters who might not understand that anything you type online could come back to haunt you later.

Says the formerly foul-mouthed developer:

In this version it is releasing a disturbing pepper smell. The aim is to imitate my grandmother who would put peppers into my mouth when I used bad language as a kid.

I am using the sense of smell instead of taste in my imitation, to get as close as possible to the actual feeling without my grandmother being there.

Also the smell is very persistent to not leave. Just like things you type and send, it is there to stay. So you better watch it!

I guess pepper might be more effective than soap at really instilling that negative feedback, but still—wacky arse grandparents. [Ultra Modern Life Training Lab via Brainpicker]

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