Official Tumblr iPhone App Now Supports iOS 4 And Twitter

After Tumblr acquired Tumblerette and the iPhone app got renamed simply "Tumblr" (catchy, eh?), the hip New Yorkers have updated it to version 1.2, with native reblogging, more photo-posting options and even support for iOS4 multitasking. Those thoughtful guys.

A few bugs have been exterminated here and there, but the main thing is really the native reblogging, where you can pay dues to your friends' Tumblr-posts. Twitter support is now a given (if you want to annoy friends with updates, that is), and there's even German localisation. I hadn't realised there were so many Germans using Tumblr. The app is free and compatible with iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads. [iTunes via Tumblr Blog - Thanks, OMG! Ponies!]

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