Nintendo Will Never Put Mario In The App Store

Nintendo Will Never Put Mario In The App Store

I asked Nintendo something that, though ridiculous, I know we’ve all wondered at some point: “Theoretically, could you ever imagine selling a Nintendo game in an app store – either Apple’s or Google’s.” Their answer? No.

From Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo of America’s executive VP of sales and marketing:

You know, I really can’t. Our intellectual property like Mario like Zelda—those our just our crown jewels.

While Nintendo could almost certainly fill the top 50 list of the App Store with their endless pile of IPs, their answer makes sense. Nintendo without proprietary hardware is not Nintendo.

They’d be Sega.

So instead of giving in to the software era, they’re innovating physical interfaces as hard as they can to make their new games require more than any old LCD touchscreen. [Lead photo]