New PS3 Model Numbers Spotted On FCC

With E3 just 'round the corner, it's no surprise that the FCC has outed a couple of new PS3 models. Hang on... new PS3 models? Sadly it's probably not another redesign, instead looking just like new chipsets.

The PS3 models have the serial numbers of CECH-2501A and CECH-2501B, with both including 802.11b/g Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.0+EDR. What makes the speculation point at new chips for the two models? The fact that a couple of debug consoles have also turned up on FCC, the DECH-2500A and DECH-S2500A, which you can see in the two lower rungs on the above chart. The notes underneath say that the CECH-2501B "is similar to the tested model CECH-2501A except for HDD type", which refers to the capacity size.

Stay tuned for E3 next week when we should hopefully find out some more information on these two mysterious FCC showings. [FCC via Engadget via Kotaku]

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