Monster Vision Max 3D Glasses: Universal And Proprietary

3D is a bit of a mess in itself, but to make matters more complicated, a pair of shutter glasses that work with your Samsung TV won't work with your Panasonic TV... well... not very well. Monster is changing that... sort of.

Their Vision Max 3D glasses promise universal compatibility on all 3D TVs - which is fantastic - but you'll need to use Monster's base station to make said TVs work with the glasses.

$US250 buys you a base station (transmitting shutter sync information over 2.4GHz) and one pair of glasses. $US180 buys you an extra pair of glasses.

It's not a bad idea - not at all. But so long as you can't just bring your glasses to a friend's house to watch a movie, so long as the glasses themselves can't decode every manufacturer's particular 3D timing, so long as you need a intermediary piece of equipment to make it all work, Monster's solution doesn't look much more tempting (or flexible) than that of the original manufacturers. [ChipChick]

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