Millennius Memmoir Gold Camcorder Is Cheap (And Maybe Cheerful)

$379 is not a lot of money to spend on a camcorder. Especially one that has optical image stabilisation, a 12x optical zoom and takes 10MP stills and 1080p video. But that's what Millennius are asking for their Memmoir Gold camcorder.

Mind you, with that kind of pricing, you have to wonder if there have been any corners cut to offer that price. Considering camcorder quality generally comes through the lens and the sensor, there's a good chance those particular parts of the camera aren't as high a quality as something from Canon or Sony, but then you have to factor in the cost of those devices. The camera also comes with an 8GB SDHC card, which is a nice little inclusion on the value for money front.

Other than the obvious, the camera also includes a three inch colour (960 x 240 pixel) touchscreen, records in H.264 AVI and can simultaneously record in 1080p and WQVGA at 240fps, according to the specifications.

Ultimately, it sounds like a bargain, but one that will probably come with the question mark over video quality. But considering it's priced just a little bit more than a Flip Mino HD, that could be a risk worth taking.


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