Microsoft Would Like To Remind You That They're Still Quite Ginormous

Hey, it's Microsoft. You remember us, right? People make it seem like we're dying because all anyone wants to talk about these days is Google, Apple, Facebook and Twitter. Well, we're still here. And we're still big. Here's how big:

• 150 million Windows 7 licenses sold

• 7.1 million projected iPad sales in 2010

• 58 million projected netbook sales in 2010

• 355 million projected PC sales in 2010

• less than 10% of US netbooks ran Windows in 2008

• 96% of US netbooks ran Windows in 2009

• 16 million subscribers to the largest 25 US daily newspapers

• 14 million Netflix subscribers

• 23 million Xbox live subscribers

• 173 million Gmail users

• 284 million Yahoo Mail users

• 360 million Windows Live Hotmail users

• $US5.7 billion Apple net income for fiscal year ending in Sept 2009

• $US6.5 billion Google net income for fiscal year ending in Dec 2009

• $US14.5 billion Microsoft net income for fiscal year ending in June 2009

To sum it up: We make more money than anyone, we have more users than anyone, we're relevant in almost every sector and we're doing pretty well, thank you for asking. Sincerely, Microsoft. [Official Microsoft Blog via Bits]

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