Microsoft Creating 3D Effect By Shooting Images Straight Into Your Eye

The reason I'm not sold on 3D? Those nasty glasses. Luckily, Microsoft is ditching the glasses, choosing instead to create 3D by beaming different images into each eye.

Microsoft's Applied Sciences Group is creating 3D by using a camera to track viewers' eyes and a new special lens. That lens is shaped like a wedge, with 11mm thickness at the top vs 6mm at the bottom. Apparently, the wedge lens can steer light straight into a viewers eye by switching light-emitting diodes along its bottom edge on and off. Basically, by controlling the light, it can display different images on the screen and direct where each image goes.

The limit of their prototype is that currently, only two people can watch 3D at one time (one image per eye) or four people can watch a 2D video (one image per person). I say no worries Microsoft, it's not like I was going to host a huge 3D kegger given how expensive those damned 3D Glasses cost. [Technology Review]

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