Microscope Connects To iPads Wirelessly For Extreme Close-Up Views

Designed for the beauty and education industries, this microscope peripheral can connect to iPads wirelessly, displaying video and images of skin (or whatever else you shove under the microscope) zoomed up by 50 times.

It comes from Japanese company Scalar Corp, who hopes to sell 50,000 units this year. It's looking likely to cost just under $US400 when it goes on sale in the US soon-ish, and has a compatible app which is already on the App Store. The AirMicro A1 microscope has a 5MP image sensor and 50x zoom lens, with the images transferring wirelessly to the iPad and displayed within the app and the video shooting in 320×240 format at 15fps.

While it won't be for personal use it could definitely have its advantages in beauty clinics or schools. Going for a facial, for example, the beautician could show you just how bad your pores really are - though to be honest, I'd almost rather not know. [Tech-On]

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